PODCAST EPISODE #6: Isaac Asimov talks AI (1991)

Today I’m reading a transcription from an old interview with one of my heroes. Isaac Asimov gave this interview as part of the “Vision Of The Future” series in the year 1991. This was his last major interview before he passed away in the following year in April of 1992.  He spoke to AI and how it would truly free humans, if we were ready for it.  His idea to offload humans from doing things they were not good at and allow them to focus on the things they are good at, resonates loudly today but is also highly debated in terms of where that line is drawn.  Here, Mr. Asimov articulates the premise that humans can be free to creatively think, create and problem solve without the burden of the mundane tasks that the human brain is way overqualified to do.

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