PODCAST EPISODE #17: Ginger Johnson and the human connection

I met Ginger Johnson on LinkedIn earlier this year. I was in the depths of a depressing job search, several months into the COVID-19 onslaught so in an effort to differentiate myself I leveraged my video skills and interviewed myself (well me and a mannequin). Ginger had some how seen the video pop up in her feed, got a kick out of it, and reached out just for the sake of connecting. This is her essence and what draws people to her.

Since we’ve connected we’ve gone back and forth chatting about career stuff, I’ve written some music for her to use in her content, and just in general just remaining in each other’s spheres even though we’ve never met face to face (Zoom doesn’t count!). In this episode we finally get a chance to have a longer conversation about life, career, and the undeniable importance of a real human connection, one driven by purpose, super-powered by a service mindset.

Check out Ginger’s book “Connectivity Canon.” It’s an easily digestible read that’ll leave you high on mental ROI.

LINK: https://www.gingerjohnson.com/product/connectivity-canon/

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